Dust Again

by Jeremy Witt

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released June 24, 2010




Jeremy Witt

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Track Name: Stay
I will seek you out
Hide not your face from me
If I break my legs
Then I will crawl to you

Father, stay with me
Daddy, stay

I will call your name
Please turn your ear to me
The world may get too loud
But peace is in your voice

Father, stay with me
Daddy, stay
Track Name: How Can I Say?
How can I say I'm a man acquainted with sorrow?
I've never been nailed to a tree
By men who hated me

How can I say that I'm hungry and well?
When I'm sick and overfed
By wisdom that is dead

How can I say that I know Your love?
When I can't seem to forgive
Your grace never leaves my lips

How can I say that I'm walking in Your light?
When I'm shaken by the wind
I've lost my way again

I don't need to say anything at all
I don't need to say anything at all
If I am made in your image
Why do I look so different?
Please help me be silent
So You can speak through me

I don't need to say anything at all
I don't need to say anything at all
Track Name: Fragile Displays
My body was broken
And the same fate has come to my Bride

Her walls are getting taller
And her love is getting weak

She prays for revival in the streets
When the gospel of peace has no place on her feet

I never hear my name in passing
Why introduce a stranger to a stranger?

Let me keep you
I won't lose you
You were created to know Me
I made this world to hold you
But you've let it mold you
Should a man look like his house
Or the builder?

We can't be on display
Until we look like you
We are leading people astray
Until we walk like you

Rain on our parade
Crush our fragile displays
When our pretenses fade
We'll see the mess that we've made
Track Name: Matthew 5,6
Scripture read from Matthew 5 and 6 in the Message Bible.
Track Name: Defined By You
The bit of hope I find
Comes from the palm of your hand
What am I gonna feel
When I see Your face
I can't wait to see Your face

The strength that's in my bones
Comes from the hem of Your robe
What kind of strength
Is in Your embrace
I can't wait to be in Your arms

The sound that shakes my world
Is the gentle beat of Your heart
What's gonna break when I hear Your voice
Oh God break me with Your voice

The joy that's in my heart
Is the thought of You when you smile
What I am gonna feel when I hear Your laugh
I will not be contained when I hear Your laugh

I'm defined by You
You wrote me into time
I'm defined by You
You define me
Track Name: I'm On My Way
I'm on My way
Don't wait til then to find Me
Dust off your knees
I'll be there to lift you when you fall

My desire is for you
My heart races toward you
I can barely contain Myself
I'm in love with you

You are on Your way
I can't wait til then to find You
I'm dusting of my knees
Oh, how it hurts to know that You still see me fall

My desire is for You
My heart races toward You
I can barely contain myself
I'm in love with You
I'm in love with You